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User Research, UX Design, UI Design, Usability Testing, Web Development


Figma, Miro, Wordpress


5 months

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Innovisor is a pioneer in transforming organizations into collaborative and agile workplaces, emphasizing the importance of employee involvement and commitment.

Innovisor recognized the need to redesign their website to align with modern standards and deliver a seamless experience across devices.

Their vision was to create a platform that not only presented their services, but also reflected their values and commitment to collaboration, agility, and human-centric workplaces.

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study Overview


Innovisor's website featured an outdated and static design that failed to meet contemporary standards and lacked responsiveness for mobile devices.

This outdated and static layout rendered the website unresponsive on mobile devices, significantly hindering user engagement and delivering an unsatisfactory experience across different devices.

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study Problem


To address the outdated and unresponsive website, Innovisor embarked on a thorough design process guided by the Double Diamond framework, a systematic approach that encompasses four stages: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study Problem

01 Discover

The Discover phase involved an in-depth exploration of Innovisor's business goals, user needs, and website issues.

Stakeholder interviews provided valuable insights into the company's objectives, while competitive analysis provided insights into industry standards, competitor strategies, and user expectations.

A thorough heuristic evaluation revealed numerous shortcomings, including poor responsiveness, broken links, an unintuitive user experience, and inconsistent design elements.

02 Define

Based on the findings from the Discover phase, the following key insights were revealed that would shape the redesign of Innovisor's website:

  1. Responsive design - the existing website's poor responsiveness and usability on various devices, particularly mobile, were identified as critical areas for improvement;
  2. Enhanced case studies UX - there was a need for a more user-friendly and interactive experience when browsing and exploring case studies in order to facilitate engagement;
  3. Modern visual design - inconsistencies in design elements and an outdated visual language warranted an update to create a cohesive and modern visual design experience.

03 Develop

The Develop phase of the Innovisor website redesign involved producing critical design artifacts that would form the foundation of the new website.


A detailed sitemap was created to outline the structure and organization of the website's pages and content, ensuring a seamless and intuitive navigation experience for users

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Sitemap Diagram


Wireframes acted as the foundation for the website's layout and functionality, providing a visual blueprint of the interface.

These low-fidelity representations outlined the arrangement of elements, content hierarchy, and interaction patterns, ensuring a well-structured and user-friendly design.

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study WireframesInnovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study Wireframes


Mockups served as visual representations of the website's final design, embodying the brand's identity and incorporating a range of color schemes.

These artifacts provided stakeholders with a clear understanding of the intended aesthetics and elicited valuable feedback for informed decision-making.

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study MockupsInnovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study Mockups


An interactive prototype was created to simulate the website's user experience, enabling stakeholders and the internal team to test the design's functionality and flow.

This internal testing process identified usability issues and areas for improvement prior to development.

Innovisor Web Redesign UX Case Study Overview

Usability Testing

Usability testing played a crucial role during the Develop phase, ensuring the website's alignment with user needs.

However, due to resource constraints, an internal testing approach was employed involving Innovisor stakeholders.

This internal testing generated valuable feedback, enabling identification of potential issues and areas for improvement before proceeding to production.

While external user testing was not feasible in this case, the internal feedback proved instrumental in refining the design and enhancing the user experience.

Website Development

The website's development was primarily driven by WordPress as the content management system, empowering a wider range of Innovisor team members to manage and maintain content effectively.

Utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, custom design elements and a responsive case filter system were implemented, ensuring a seamless user experience across diverse devices and screen sizes.

This combination of technologies facilitated a well-structured, user-friendly, and adaptable website that aligned with Innovisor's branding and objectives as well as user needs.

04 Deliver

The Deliver phase culminated in the successful completion of the website redesign project, resulting in the following tangible deliverables:

  1. Style guide - a comprehensive style guide was provided to ensure consistency in the website's visual design and branding elements;
  2. Website launch - the fully developed website was deployed and made live for public access, showcasing Innovisor's services and expertise;
  3. Content management documentation - detailed guides, instructions and guidance were provided to help Innovisor team members manage and update the website's content effectively.


The website redesign and its enhanced user experience produced notable positive outcomes for Innovisor's online presence:

  1. Increased traffic - the revamped website attracted a significantly larger audience, with monthly visitors more than doubling;
  2. Enhanced case study engagement - the redesigned case studies section gained substantial traction, with users spending more time exploring and interacting with the content;
  3. Positive feedback on recognition - the website redesign garnered widespread appreciation from industry professionals, particularly on LinkedIn. The improved design, user-friendly interface, and seamless browsing experience were widely praised.

These positive outcomes demonstrate the success of the website redesign in transforming Innovisor's online presence and increasing its visibility and engagement with the target audience.

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